Anchorage Flights

Anchorage flights on major airlines from all around the world fly in and out of the city. The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport has domestic flights arrive and depart each day, and many international flights also use this airport.  There are 41 airlines that operate from there, and nonstop flights go to 48 cities. The airport is very busy, with over 3,262 domestic flights each week, as well as 490 international flights. There are also small, non-commercial airplanes that fly in and out of the airport in Anchorage.

Alaska Airlines is a very popular airline for domestic flights. Air travel is often the easiest way to get from city to city or area to area within the state. Some of the cities that are common destinations by Alaska Airlines are Juneau, Fairbanks, Homer, Deadhorse, Barrow, Aniak, Sitka, and Kenai. Flights from the U.S. mainland are available from all around the 48 states by means of various airlines as well. Large cities, such as New York City, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles have many different airlines that fly to Alaska, while smaller cities have some flights as well.

Anchorage FlightsThere are many economical Anchorage flights that can be found for only a few hundred dollars for a round trip ticket from the U.S. or Canada. All major airlines travel to this destination. Most trips from the mainland go directly there, but those coming from different states may need to make a connection that has a short layover in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, or another city. If someone makes last minute plans to fly to Alaska, there are great online deals at websites who specialize in helping airlines sell their unsold tickets to fill up the plane.

International Anchorage flights are popular since the area is known as the “last frontier.” Many people are also curious to see the snow, mountains, and wildlife that is unique to this state. Trips from London’s Heathrow Airport leave each day on different airlines. British Airways offers many schedule choices with stopovers in U.S. cities, such as Chicago or Phoenix. Some of these pick up passengers in a U.S. city and continue to Anchorage. Others require passengers to transfer to another airline that then goes on to Alaska.

There are many trips from Dubai to Anchorage on United, American, Continental Airlines, and others. Each week, 23 planes leave Dubai connecting to Anchorage, and 9 airlines fly out of Dubai with this destination, so there are plenty of choices for tourists. It is a long trip, however, with the shortest one taking 30 hours on Virgin Atlantic.

Anchorage flights from other parts of the world are also easy to find, including those from Frankfurt and the various countries of Europe. Some of these are nonstop, as are some of them departing from Amsterdam to Alaska. Amsterdam also has some with stopovers that often fly into Seattle and then complete the trip to Alaska. Around 17 flights leave Moscow each week to head to Anchorage, with many of them stopping in New York City for a connection. There are also about 17 planes that leave Johannesburg and go to Alaska each week, and most of these have connections in another city,

It is possible to fly from almost any part of the world into Anchorage. The international airport there is large and able to handle the domestic and international traffic that keeps it busy with the five million people who use this facility each year. There are shops, restaurants, and places to rest for those who are waiting for a plane to arrive.

Besides commercial trips to this state, there are many cargo arrivals in and out of the airport. Both UPS Airlines and FedEx Express have major hubs there, largely due to products shipped from the Far East that are heading to the mainland U.S.