Anchorage Hotel Guide

Alaska is the destination for many tourists and business people year round, and the city of Anchorage provides many choices of where to stay. Anchorage lodging has hotels with their own conference centers and meeting rooms, suites that are convenient for families with children or for those planning a long stay, and others closer to the Alaskan wilderness. The city is active and mobile year-round, so visitors do not need to worry about being in the primitive wilderness. It is a city much like any other American city with museums, art galleries, shops and stores, and businesses that include over 70 hotels.

Vacationers who want to be in the midst of the natural environment of the area may want to stay at bed and breakfast facilities. They are often nestled into the foothills of the mountains, or they may be far enough away from the city to enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty of the area. One of these spots is the Alaska House of Jade Bed and Breakfast. Although it is within the city limits, it is set off far enough to provide the feeling of wilderness and peacefulness for guests who stay at this five-star hotel. There are mountain views from this location, and the hosts offer a gourmet breakfast each day with home-baked pastries from their kitchen.

Anchorage lodging includes something for everyone. If tourists want to be even closer to nature and out of the city, there are many cottages for rent, mostly by real estate companies or private owners. Wilderness cabins have many modern conveniences for those who want to rough it, yet still have cell phone coverage, electricity, and bathroom facilities. Most cabins have all kitchen supplies, porches, and fire places for cozy stays in the winter months. Some even have high-speed Internet connections for those who need to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

Hotel rates in the city can be very high, but there are discounts available, especially during the winter months. Guests who plan to rent cars and do not mind driving five miles or under can usually find the best deals. Some airlines also offer discounts when the flight to Anchorage is accompanied by a hotel reservation made through the airline. Car rentals are also sometimes included in discount packages.

Visitors looking for Anchorage lodging that is luxurious and provides high-end accommodations will not be disappointed in the selections of these in the city. The Diamond Center Hotel is a large, modern facility that combines modern décor with Native Alaskan cultural art items, such as hanging rugs and other wall décor. The huge outdoor patio has furniture constructed of logs from Alaskan timber. There are meeting facilities available, and the service is top notch.

Long-term visitors looking for reasonably priced Anchorage lodging may want to stay at Anchorage Corporate Suites. These suites are apartment-style, and are available for short-term or long-term stays. These completely furnished modern facilities are appropriate accommodations for international business travelers or anyone who will be in the Anchorage area for a while.

Although the reviews for mid-range to high-range hotels are almost all very good, economy accommodations have many warnings from those who have stayed at these sites before. There are about 20 to 25 hotels with warnings from others that they are terrible places to stay. It is often helpful to read these reviews by travelers who have previously stayed at the facilities.

All in all, Anchorage has a very appropriate place for everyone traveling to the city. If you read reviews and do some research online about these hotels, you will be able to make an informed choice of which place is best for you.