Visit Alaska’s North Slope

The north slope of Alaska is located north west Canada. Alaska is 1 of 2 unique states of the U.S. that is physically separated from the other parts of the official states. There are many jobs located in the reins of the Alaska north slope, including in the area around zip code 99789. These jobs include oil pipeline jobs, mining for gold and other resources, and of course, transportation. Transportation is and has been a major issue in Alaska due to harsh weather conditions and heavy climate change; it is imperative that there are enough jobs that are taking care of many other means of transportation rather than just cars (e.g., public transport via bus or go transit).

There are many gas pipeline projects that take place especially in the northern slopes of Alaska. There’s mainly 2 companies that work that are in charge of developing pipelines. Most invest at least $2 billion dollars (USD) in these huge money consuming (good ROI) projects, and later after a decade or so, the State of Alaska even awarded TransCanada a license to continue their project for another 20 years. This license took $500,000,000 to sign though, but many say it was well worth for the profit. There are even more jobs; the bigs are hiring and will continue hiring at least 100 people for each project, and this won’t stop until at least 2024 when machines start doing the work (e.g., humans are needed to operate centrifugation machines to separate oil).

The weather in the north slopes of Alaska as mentioned previously is drastically cold and the weather differs substantially from region to region. Some places are even below -20 degrees Celsius while some other places go down even to -30 degrees. Summer or winter, wind chill can have a huge impact on your comfort factor so be sure to dress for the wind chill. Also, know that weather conditions can change VERY quickly. Always look at the posted forecast and be prepared for the worse.

Unlike Anchorage lodging, the options are pretty sparse on the north slope. You may have to search far and wide to find a traditional hotel.